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Blue: 442 White: 425 Gold: 400
Red: 387 Green: 400 Silver: 263

A straight away Par 4 with plenty of driving room.  The approach shot can be anything from a middle iron to a fairway wood depending on the wind.  Keep the ball below the hole for the best opportunity to make par or birdie.

Blue: 192 White: 186 Gold: 139
Red: 135 Green: 173 Silver: 95

A medium length, slightly downhill Par 3 that plays shorter than its yardage.  Tee shots landing short of the green tend to kick foward and to the right so take this into account when choosing a club.

Blue: 474 White: 467 Gold: 383
Red: 336 Green: 467 Silver: 230

A short Par 5 with a sharp dogleg right from the back tees, a straight away par 4 from the forward tees.  The green may be reachable in two, but beware of the trees and out of bounds guarding the right side.  The green is very wide with bunkers on both sides, but shallow and sloping slightly away and to the left.

Blue: 191 White: 181 Gold: 166
Red: 161 Green: 166 Silver: 106

A medium length par 3 that plays slightly uphill to one of the smallest greens on the course.  If you miss the green, miss it short because this is by far the easiest place to get up and down from.

Blue: 454 White: 446 Gold: 401
Red: 350 Green: 401 Silver: 278

Trouble abounds on this monster Par 4, a Par 5 from the forward tee.  Out of bounds down the right side and behind the green, large willow trees on the left can block an approach to the green.  The valley in front of the green has a pond that will swallow short approach shots.  If all this isn't enough, the green is one of the most severely sloped on the course.  Play for 5 and if you make a 4 it will feel like a birdie.

Blue: 384 White: 375 Gold: 313
Red: 281 Green: 375 Silver: 206

A medium lenghth Par 4, that plays uphill all the way.  An extra club on the approach shot from the fairway is a good idea, but putting from above the hole can be dangerous.

Blue: 429 White: 407 Gold: 381
Red: 301 Green: 407 Silver: 265

A Par 4 with a sharp dogleg to the right.  Cut as much off as you dare, but beware of the two fairway bunkers at the corner, as par is hard to make from there.  Keep the ball below the hole because the green slopes from back to front.

Blue: 386 White: 374 Gold: 322
Red: 283 Green: 374 Silver: 232

A short Par 4 with out of bounds down the left side, but plenty of room on the right.  The green is a small target tucked back in the trees with a bunker and out of bounds on the left.  Keep the ball below the hole and you'll have a good birdie opportunity.

Blue: 550 White: 541 Gold: 463
Red: 405 Green: 463 Silver: 326

A three shot Par 5 where position is more important than power,  The green is a small elevated, well bunkered target.  It requires an extra club and a highly accurate shot to give yourself a birdie opportunity.

Blue: 381 White: 367 Gold: 328
Red: 323 Green: 367 Silver: 237

A very challenging short Par 4.  The tee shot requires precision distance control and accuracy to avoid the pond.  Trees left and OB right.  Don't miss the approach shot long, as nothing good can come from going over this green.

Blue: 350 White: 341 Gold: 295
Red: 289 Green: 341 Silver: 197

This great Par 4 requires a very accurate tee shot.  Out of bounds runs up the right side and a water hazard on the left.  Tee shots will tend to kick hard to the left.  A large pine tree on the left side further narrows the landing area.  Your approach to the green will most likely be blind.  Use the trees behind the green to line up the approach.

Blue: 180 White: 166 Gold: 144
Red: 144 Green: 144 Silver: 128

A medium long Par 3 that plays a little shorter because it is slightly downhill.  Although the green is generous in size, it is well guarded by bunkers on both sides.  It is best to keep the ball below the hole.

Blue: 502 White: 495 Gold: 453
Red: 402 Green: 453 Silver: 280

This is an average length Par 5 up and over a hill in the fairway.  It's possible to hit in two for the long hitter and probably the best birdie opportunity on the back nine.  Don't go over the green or you will have a tough up and down.

Blue: 408 White: 399 Gold: 356
Red: 284 Green: 356 Silver: 263

This Par 4 has one of the most demanding tee shots on the course.  If you cut too much off the dogleg, the trees right will swallow you up, don't cut enough and it will leave a long approach or even bring the pond into play through the fairway.  The approach shot is to a tiered green that is long and narrow with bunkers on both sides.

Blue: 203 White: 193 Gold: 167
Red: 163 Green: 167 Silver: 97

The longest of the Par 3's and its all uphill, so take at least one extra club.  The green is a large target, but even if you hit the green you're liable to have a long, severely breaking putt.  Stay below the hole at all cost.  Par is a great score here.

Blue: 501 White: 490 Gold: 408
Red: 363 Green: 490 Silver: 308

The elevated tee makes the landing area appear small.  Out of bounds on the right and a hazard on the left aren't as close as they look.  A drive to the right side of the fairway may get to the top of the hill and give you a good look at the green.  Avoid the front left bunker and it's not too hard to get up and down.

Blue: 337 White: 328 Gold: 301
Red: 295 Green: 328 Silver: 230

Another great Par 4.  The big Maple tree on the left hand side of the fairway requires a decision on the tee.  A long hitter may be able to hit a driver past it, but it gets pretty narrow.  To play it smart, lay up far enough behind the tree so you can hit your approach shot over it.  Don't go long because the green is tucked back in the trees.

Blue: 482 White: 417 Gold: 368
Red: 359 Green: 368 Silver: 270

This is the most difficult Par 4 on the back nine.  This hole has no out of bounds, no water, no bunkers, and no heavily wooded areas.  The hole is long and uphill, and the landing area is bisected by a rough covered knoll.  Your approach will be a long one to an elevated green that is difficult to hit in regulation.  A Par will feel like a Birdie